Our Sand Art Artist - Mr Jacob Liu


Jacob is an award-winning and well-known sand animation artist. After the first time Jacob saw sand animation on the internet, he was totally fascinated and immediately started learning this art by himself. Prior to his first wedding anniversary, Jacob spent several nights and made a sand animation video for his wife as a surprise gift. The video was later posted on-line, and had over 30,000 hits on the first day. Soon after that, a young man contacted Jacob to make a video for his wedding. Jacob successfully delivered his first commercial sand work and started his business since then. 

Today more and more people get to know and to appreciate this unique form of art. Combining with music, lighting and special techniques, Jacob uses his magic hands to bring the ordinary sand to live. Jacob has become one of the most renowned sand animation artists in China. He has created numerous master pieces for clients in Singapore, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and all over the world. He has also had live performance for weddings, corporate events, international seminars and TV commercials. Jacob is married and currently lives in China with his wife and a lovely daughter.